Elena Simic
All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;

William Shakespeare

Hi there! My name is Elena Simic and I am Musical Theatre teacher. I am also a happy mother of 3 beautiful children, and a successful professional.

I live in Lachen and would like to share my passion to acting, music and general fun with little children.

All my life I am surrounded by kids. I have two MA's in pedagogic and psychology,  was writing my PHD related to cognitive psychology while learning foreign languages. I was working like a secondary school teacher in Moscow, for almost two years I was working like a volunteer in Primary school in London.
During all those years I was also busy doing the family and corporate events: weddings, calendar and birthday parties for adults and children.
Many people know me like a brilliant kids entertainer able to portray many themed characters.

What I bring to DDS ?
- new energy
- professional approach to planning
- methodology
- positive attitude
- experience in teaching
- resourcefulness and bright materials to stimulate cognitive interest and develop children through play